Dr Ifan Johnston

Machine Learning Engineer, Mathematician, Data Scientist


Freelance Machine Learning Engineer

Specialized in

Natural Language Processing


Web Development

Professional Experience

Oct. 2021 - present Bayesian Statistics Researcher, Julia software developer, Planting Space

Jan. 2019 ‐ Nov. 2021 Machine Learning Engineer (Freelance), Vypr

Leading a series of machine learning projects to supplement intelligence from survey data, mainly revolving around Natural Language Processing projects
Developed a sentiment analysis model all the way from ideation to deployment in 3 languages (English, German and French)

Data Scientist (Freelance), Vypr

In charge of writing statistical reports for clients summarising survey results with statistical tests. Reports written using Knitr (an R package) with our own custom R package to connect to our database of survey responses.


2016-2019 PhD + MSc, University of Warwick

Mathematics and Statistics at the MASDOC center
Research areas: Fractional Calculus, Stochastic Analysis
Thesis title: Generalized fractional evolution equations

2011-2014 MRes + BSc, Swansea University

Stochastic Processes in the Mathematics Department
Thesis: Feller processes on the Torus via pseudo-differential operators

Tech Stack

Python (ML) - PyTorch, fast.ai, spaCy, scikit-learn, transformers
Python (general) - fastAPI, pandas, jupyter, SQLAlchemy / sqlmodel, jinja2, pytest
R - ggplot2, knitr, shiny
Docker - DigitalOcean, Heroku, github actions, LaTeX, JavaScript (React),


Full list of articles available on arXiv


2020 Space-time coupled evolution equations and their stochastic solutions (Joint work with Lorenzo Toniazzi and John Herman)
2019 Green’s Function Estimates for Time-Fractional Evolution Equations (Joint work with Vassili Kolokoltsov)